1. Understand your objectives such that we can provide actionable results

2. Build on existing knowledge and data where it is available

3. Offer the full range of research methods

4. Treat each project individually to ensure you get the right approach for the task in hand

5. The information and advice we provide is clear and actionable

6. Provide a consistent, senior point of contact throughout the project

7. Ensure that deadlines, costs and budgets are clear

8. Undertake work on a confidential basis and respect respondent's rights to confidentiality

9. Carry out the vast majority of work in house (working with specialist external partners for larger qualitative projects, statistical analysis and design/printing)

10. Adhere to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct

11. Turn down (or refer on) projects for which we are not qualified or which do not meet our own ethical code.

As well as conducting research Nigel Jacklin acts as a consultant and adviser.