GCM Survey 2011



Think Media compiled independent lists of these two types of organisations and then researched names of relevant individuals within those organisations. A four page self-completion questionnaire was sent to 6,465 individuals covering their media consumption and business responsibilities. Fieldwork was completed between April and October 2011 avoiding major holiday periods.


Use of reminders and incentives resulted in a response rate of 21% and an analysis sample of 1,348. In total one in eight of all eligible individuals represented by the survey received and completed a questionnaire. Data has been weighted to the estimated universe size by country.


Countries and Media Covered


The questionnaire measured readership and viewing of 19 publications and 4 TV channels on a global basis together with the use of these media on mobile devices and web sites. A further 286 media were measured on a national or regional basis.


22 'media list' versions of the questionnaire were employed (each with the relevant national media). In the countries in italics the relevant local language was used (all others being in English). Two versions of the business responsibilities questions were used (one for Large Organisations one for Banks/Financial Institutions).


USAFranceAustriaLuxembourgAustraliaSouth Korea
CanadaGermanyBelgiumNetherlandsHong KongTaiwan
 ItalyDenmark NorwayJapan
Emerging Markets
BrazilPolandRussia South AfricaChinaIndonesia
MexicoTurkeyGCC (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE)IndiaMalaysia


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