The Ethical and Environmental Survey is designed to provide a voice to people who take ethical and environmental considerations into account when deciding which products and services they do and do not buy. It updates the survey we undertook in partnership with The Ecologist in 2011 and is intended to provide a counter-point to mainstream consumer research.


All survey participants will receive a summary of results. These will also be available as a short report designed for small business and a full report for larger businesses. We are looking to hold an event to discuss the results in the second half of 2018.


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We are currently seeking partners to work with such as those in the charity and environmental sectors. If you are interested in working with us or purchasing the results please contact 20% of the revenue from report sales will be donated to the charities who work with us.




Results from the 2011 survey (sample size 600) show people who took part were active information seekers who were happy to support direct action. 86% agreed they liked to keep up with current affairs; 82% agreed more direct action is needed to make change happen. Whilst they spanned the full income range, most (57%) found it fairly or very easy to meet household expenses.


Respondents were presented with 25 statements about ethical and environmental issues. The four areas which produced the highest response showed both a strong degree of questioning of big business and consumer society as well as a desire to work constructively to invest in and encourage better practices:


  • 83% agreed strongly that more needs to be done to expose bad practices in big business and government
  • 67% agreed strongly that more needs to be done to counter consumer society in general
  • 74% agreed strongly that we need to put more money into investments that help protect our environment and works towards a sustainable future
  • 63% agreed strongly that we need to work more closely with big businesses to encourage better ethical and environmental practices.

    Comments from the 2011 Survey:

    "Recycle everything possible. Repair and mend. Don't waste food. Have own business selling clothing and products made from Bamboo that is sustainable, no pesticides, and some made in UK other goods made ethically and fairtrade."
    "Humans evolved as meat eaters/omnivores; I see no reason why we should not continue as such. It is our current consumerist attitudes with access to anything, and dreadful waste that appal me."
    "I feel people are often so suppressed by the system that it is a struggle for us to use our brains smartly and consciously so that we can all help one another and thus the environment. Separateness feels like one of the biggest problems and people can be so creative and important to one another."
    "I use the products and services of several large corporations, but do so under duress. My life does not make it at all easy to avoid doing so. Any true attempt at environmental responsibility by large corporations should be welcomed but we should all watch out for the dreaded greenwash."




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